Interview With Elliott Neese Captain On F/V Saga As Seen On Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch

Posted: 05/17/2013 in Deadliest Catch, Reality TV, Television

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
EN: Captain Elliott Neese, F/V Saga, as seen on Deadliest Catch

MW: You have said before since you were 2 years old you want to captain a crab boat. How were you introduced to crabbing?
EN: My dad was a crab fisherman. The first time I was on a crab boat was when I was 2 years old. I fell in love with crabbing and wanted to own a crab boat.

MW: When did you start out in crabbing?
EN: I started pot fishing when I was 16. Everyone else was partying over spring break and I went fishing instead.

MW: When you got to work the first time on a crab boat how was it?
EN: Amazing! I got paid full share within a day of being on the boat. I worked with a group of great guys. It was like living on cloud 9. It was the coolest thing ever.

MW: Had you been a part of Deadliest Catch on Discovery TV before you became the captain of the Ramblin’ Rose?
EN: Negative

MW: When you became captain of the Ramblin’ Rose did you think it was going to be so hard?
EN: It wasn’t hard at all. What you see on tv and reality are two different things.

MW: What would you have done different in season 8 of Deadliest Catch?
EN: I wouldn’t have let them film my family if I had known how they would show it.

MW: How did you feel about your family stuff being on TV?
EN: I would have felt better if they had told me the truth. They told me they were going to film fun stuff with my family. They filmed for 5 days, and only showed the bullshit. They didn’t show the fun family stuff we did.

MW: Tell me a story that was not shown on season 8?
EN: I can tell you about a story that was made up on Season 8. When they said my boat hit the ice with a guy asleep at the wheel. That never happened. I got woken up at least 300 yards from the ice and slowly drove the boat through it to get to St. Paul. And if you actually watch the footage, you can see the frame rate was changed to make it look like we were going fast.

MW: Do you feel that you were a misunderstood captain on season 8?
EN: Misunderstood? No. Mis-portrayed? Yes. I feel like if they would just show the truth, things would be great. It’s like playing a game with somebody who already knows the outcome. They just twist and turn everything the way they want. If I was such a bad guy to work for, why do I still have guys working for me that have been with me a couple years, and guys still calling me wanting jobs?

MW: How will things change for you in season 9?
EN: In Season 9, I own my own boat. I should be shown truthfully, and everything goes professionally and well on the boat.

MW: Will you have a whole new crew?
EN: No.

MW: What happened with you and the owner of the Ramblin’ Rose?
EN: I went into partnership with the owner of the Ramblin’ Rose to buy the F/V Saga.

MW: If you lived in a perfect world of crab fishing how would it be?
EN: I would sit on the beach in Mexico, and have somebody else driving my boat.

MW: What do you like to fish for more King or Opilio?
EN: Opies because when you get on them, you can really put a smack on them. You can put 200,000# of crab on the boat in 2 or 3 days. The lease fee on the opies quota is lower so you can make more money.

MW: What do yo do on your time off?
EN: I hang out with my beautiful girlfriend and my kids. I like to go to Mexico to visit family, go spear fishing with my dad. The nice thing about crabbing is when you’re off you have money to do what you want and all the free time in the world.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
EN: To all the people who doubted me, I love to prove you wrong. There’s a new kid on the block who’s taking over this town, aka the Bering Sea.

  1. I’m glad someone gave Capt’n Elliott a chance to tell things from his side. To often Deadliest Catch needs Drama and at least one villain each season but for some reason decided Elliott should be the villain for 2 in a row. It’s about damned time they show what those of us that care about him know..he’s always been a he has his own boat, a dream fulfilled and the crab better watch out cause the Saga is coming their way again. Also it would be nice if they showed that he is a wonderful father and wants only the best for his children, his family and that means months away., a sacrifice that not many real men would willingly do to provide the best for them. Captain Elliott Rocks~~~ Long live the SAGA!

  2. Elliot you are such great things and I’ve always had ur back and ur girlfriend and kids are soooooo adorable you are a blessed MAN

  3. Captain Elliot Rules! Best of luck to you. You are the kind of man that others only wish they could be.

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