Tribute Band/Arist Of The Day – Gods Of Thunder – Tribute To KISS

Posted: 05/12/2013 in Music, Tribute Band/Arist Of The Day

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
PD: I am Paul Delis and I portray ‘Paul Stanley’ in GODS OF THUNDER – Tribute to KISS!!

MW: What made you decide to do a Kiss tribute?
PD: I didn’t actually decide, I wanted to be in a KISS Tribute band because I have always been a huge KISS fan and my first concert was KISS at the LA Forum in 1977 when they recorded KISS Alive II. Being in a KISS Tribute band is a ton of work, but it’s a passion and a TON MORE FUN than you could imagine.

MW: What is your favorite song to play live?
PD: MY favorite song is ‘Detroit Rock City’. I just get pumped up when I sing and play that song….and the crowd really loves it too.

MW: Give me a sample song list?
PD: Detroit Rock City
Hotter Than Hell
C’mon & Love Me
Do You Love Me
God of Thunder
Shock Me
Shout It Out Loud
Let Me Go Rock N Roll
Black Diamond
Rock And Roll All Night
And that’s a short one. Our set usually lasts about 90mins with all the fire breathing, smoking guitar, blood, etc, but we have done 3 hour shows in the past.

MW: How many shows a year does Gods Of Thunder do?
PD: On average, we are doing about 12-14 not including private parties. Since the economy took the down turn, it’s been less. Here’s to hoping that changes.

MW: Where are some of the places you have played?
PD: We’ve been up and down the West Coast from Washington, Oregon, Northern Cal to Colorado, Vegas, Arizona & Mexico, not to mention the bulk of our gigs have been in the greater So Cal area.

MW: What has been your biggest crowd? And where?
PD: Our biggest crowd was at the Sugarpine Ranch Motorcycle Rally in Mancos, Colorado in 2010. There was around 4000 wild and crazy people at that one. We loved it and can’t wait to go back this summer.

MW: What can fans expect from Gods Of Thunder in 2013?
PD: The HOTTEST KISS Tribute show out there….PERIOD! We are going into our 10th year and we really want this year to be the BEST. We’ve invested alot of $$$ into new costumes and stage props for this year and can’t wait to get out there and BRING THE ROOF DOWN!!!

MW: Do you have stuff you sale at shows?
PD: At some shows we have Official GODS OF THUNDER T-shirts available. There are also spaghetti strap shirts for the ladies.

MW: Do you have a website where you sale stuff?
PD: We have a wesbite…., but there is not a place on the wesbite where you can directly purchase the t’s. You can find out where we are performing and get the t’s there.

MW: Do any of the members of Gods Of Thunder have a original project?
PD: My ‘Ace Frehley is involved in an originals band called The Blessings.

MW: Where is Gods Of Thunder from?
PD: GODS OF THUNDER is from the tribute band capital of the world…..Los Angeles, CA.

MW: Give me a day in your life.
PD: Wednesday….It’s not Monday, but not quite Friday.

MW: How can someone book Gods Of Thunder?
PD: You can book GODS OF THUNDER by contacting me at or going through our Facebook page or my Facebook page. We also have an EPK and advertise on Tribute City, Gigmasters and Gigsalad.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
PD: First, thank you for the interview. It’s always great to talk about GODS OF THUNDER. That said, if you want to see the most authentic, jaw-dropping KISS tribute show out there…..find GODS OF THUNDER. You will not be disappointed. Thanks Mike and if we are ever in town, look us up….we’ve got all access passes for ya!! ROCK ON!!!!!


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