Here Is A List Of All The Walking Dead Interviews To Date On Blastzone Online.

Posted: 05/09/2013 in Television, The Walking Dead

Here is a list of all The Walking Dead interviews to date on Blastzone Online. To read them go to this link:

That is 51 interviews to date…

Addy Miller (Little Girl Walker With The Bunny Slippers And Teddy Bear) 2/10/13
Alyssa V. Mullan (Should I Take Her Out Walker) New 1/28/13
Anthony “Chopper” Rinaldo (Barn Walker)
Ashton Lee Woolen (Farm/Highway Walker) 2/23/13
Chance Bartels (1st. Walker Shot By Merle Dixon)
Chris Bozeman (Atlanta Walker)
Christopher Kelly (The Eight Foot Tall Zombie)
Clair Danielle Canterbury (C-Section Zombie)
Daniel Thomas May (Allen – Tyresse group)
Don Teems (Walker Shot By Carl To Save Michonne) New 1/27/13
Dwayne Boyd (National Guardsman # 1)
Frances Cobb (Atlanta Camp Survivor) 2/28/13
Gabrielle Stein (Chandler Riggs’ Stand In, Aka Carl)
Greg Tresan (Animal Trainer & Woodbury Resident Richard Foster) 3/5/13
Jack Byrd (Church Walker) 2/18/13
Jacque Tenpenny (Fence Walker)
James Barker (Bald Walker) 3/25/13
Jason Virus (Fence Walker)
Jeremy Ambler (Highway Walker)
Jessica Mallory (Bridge Walker) 2/20/13
Joe Hernandez (Suspenders Walker) 2/19/13
Jonna Capehart (Britney Spears Zombie)
Kasey Williamson (Prison Walker/Bread Truck Walker) 3/5/13
Keisha Tillis (Mother Walker)
Lew Temple (Axel) 2/18/13
Markice Kesan Moore (Andrew – Prisoner)
Mark Teems (Walker)
Marty Brotzge (Atlanta Tank Walker)
Meekal Maughon (Bridge Walker) 2/22/13
Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon)
Michelle Flanagan-Helmeczy (Walker)
Mike Kasiske (Black Suited “Weren’t No Man!” Walker/First Walker To Ever Die)
Mike Mundy (Grandpa Walker Death By Firepoker)
Neil Brown Jr. (Leader of the Vatos, Guillermo)
Nick Whatley (Soldier/Member Of Woodbury) 4/16/13
Parker Wierling (Noah – Woodbury Resident) 3/10/13
Peter Kulas (Mr. Coleman)
Scott Dale (National Guardsman #4 & Stunts) 1/29/13
Scott McPherson (Atlanta Walker) 3/25/13
Sonya Thompson (Walker)
Steve Warren (Machete Head Walker)
Theodus Crane (Big Tiny) 2/5/13
Theshay West (Michonne’s Pet Walker)
Tim Proctor (Artist Who Does Art For The Walking Dead Sketch Cards) 1/30/13
Tony Gowell (Barn Walker +)
Triston Johnson (Barn Walker)
Tyler Capehart (Walker)
Vincent M. Ward (Oscar)
Viviana Chavez (Miranda Morales) 4/18/13
William Hart (Ankle-Biter Walker One Who Bites Hershel)

I will be adding a ton more.

  1. K.C. says:

    Awesome list! Any way you get some interviews from other Atlanta camp survivors or Woodbury extras? Would be interested to see who some of these folks are. Maybe an interview from Dango Nguyen (the long-haired Woodbury soldier who got eaten in This Sorrowful Life)

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