Interview With Devyn DeLoera Of The Voice Season 3

Posted: 05/07/2013 in Music, Reality TV, Television, The Voice


Interview done by Mike Wilkerson

MW: How did you get on The Voice?

DD: I was approached by the casting agency on YouTube to audition privately and I went from there.

MW: Was it a long process?

DD: The process is a lot longer than it appears. I went through three auditions before making a team and some people go through more.

MW: What was your favorite song to perform on The Voice?

DD: I loved performing “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston as a solo and loved performing all of the group numbers!


MW: Please tell me about working with Christina Aguilera?

DD: Christina Aguilera She’s incredible. She knows her stuff and she is very invested in her team. I did not spend any time with the other coaches. I only saw them in tapings.

MW: You just released your first single Paralyzed. Tell me about it?

DD: It’s a fun pop song that people can totally relate to!

MW: Is there a video for Paralyzed?

DD: There is not. But I have other videos on YouTube!

MW: How is the single doing?

DD: I believe it is doing well. I know my very loyal fans have it on repeat!

MW: Will you be recording a full length recording?

DD: I think I want to work on releasing singles. I want every song I put out there to be radio friendly and don’t want any filler songs. I may make an album of the singles at the end of the year.

MW: Will you be doing any live shows this year? If so where?

DD: Yes I will be performing in Los Angeles and surrounding areas this year.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DD: Check me out online. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram! Search devyndeloera! Thank you. 🙂


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