Interview With Lead Singer Simon Daniels Of Jailhouse

Posted: 04/26/2013 in Music

Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
SD: Simon Daniels.

MW: How did Jailhouse come about?
SD: A merger of the original line up of Jailhouse that was already selling out clubs in LA with Matt Thorne, Amir Derakh and Dave Alford from Rough Cutt in 1988.

MW: Was Jailhouse your first band?
SD: No. I’ve had many bands before including “Agent X” produced by Kim Fowley (Runaways and writer partner with Kiss).

MW: Your first Jailhouse release was Alive In A Mad World. Tell me about it?
SD: 5 songs recorded live at the Roxy in Hollywood plus a studio acoustic version of “Stand up”.


MW: Your second release was a S/T release tell me about it please?
SD: The second CD was just called “Jailhouse”, the release of many studio songs.

MW: The last release was Straight At Light. Tell me about it also?

SD: A mixture of songs from the other Cds plus a new track recorded at Matt’s studio called “Straight at the light”.

MW: Was there a release I missed?
SD: There was a cd released called “3rd Strike”.

MW: Why did Jailhouse break up?
SD: We started getting involved in other projects.

MW: What did you do while Jailhouse was broke up?
SD: I formed a band called “Grind” that played a lot locally until my best friend guitar player Greg Leslie was killed in a plane crash. Then I formed “Flood” who was signed to Interscope in 1995 and produced by Bob Marlett ( Shinedown, Neil Sean) and mixed by Terri Date ( Pantera, Buckcherry, White Zombie) and started to pursue a solo career after that.

MW: What did you think of Amir’s new band at the time Orgy?
SD: I liked Orgy.

MW: What made you decide to put Jailhouse back together?
SD: We’ve remained friends throughout the years and the idea just came up from Demondoll Records.

MW: Would Amir be a part of Jailhouse in the future?
SD: Don’t know.

MW: How was the Monster’s Of Rock Cruise?
SD: Amazing to see and hear so many fans singing all the songs with us!

MW: What is next for Jailhouse?
SD: Shows and festivals. We just played in Vegas with Bang Tango and it was awesome.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?
SD: Lots more to come! Stay tuned!


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