Tribute Band/Arist Of The Day – Jesus Christ Pose – Tribute To Soundgarden

Posted: 03/19/2013 in Music, Tribute Band/Arist Of The Day

JCP Logo1


Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?
JCP – we’re JESUS CHRIST POSE, tribute to Soundgarden, we are a DEDICATED tribute to Soundgarden. no Audioslave, no Temple of the Dog, no Cornell solo stuff, a tribute to Cornell/Thayil/Cameron/Shepherd/Yamamoto.
so, to the fans, your requests for “Like a Stone” will NOT be honored. thank you.
Sean on vocals, Jeff on guitar, Bryan on drums, Greg on bass and backing vocals.

MW: What made you decide to do a Soundgarden tribute?
JCP – our mutual love for their music, the fact that there wasn’t a Soundgarden tribute band around in the United States, as far we could tell, and we did research it extensively when we began in the summer of 2010, and, to be perfectly honest, to make money! we’re all in fucking debt from our original projects!

MW: What is your favorite song to play live?

JCP- Sean: either “Black Rain” or “Like Suicide” or “Mailman” or…
Bryan: “The Day I Tried To Live”
Jeff: “Slaves and Bulldozers” and just about anything but “Spoonman” or “Black Hole Sun”
Greg: “The Day I Tried To Live” yeah, fuck “Spoonman”

MW: Give me a sample song list?

JCP – all of SUPERKUNKNOWN, all of BADMOTORFINGER, about half of Louder Than Love, older stuff like “Flower” and “Hunted Down” and “Beyond The Wheel” and half of Down on the Upside, plus a few new ones from King Animal, like “Been Away Too Long” “By Crooked Steps” “Rowing” “Non-State Actor” and “Blood on the Valley Floor” we should know the new album and the whole back catalog pretty soon…

MW: How many shows a year does JESUS CHRIST POSE do?
JCP – depends on how good the offers are that we get. probably between 30-40 a year.

MW: Where are some of the places you have played?

JCP – we’re taking this to mean geographical locations… we’re from New York City and we’ve played all over New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts… essentially the entire northeastern United States.

MW: What has been your biggest crowd? And where?

JCP – The Gramercy Theatre in New York City, over 700 people.

MW: What can fans expect from JESUS CHRIST POSE in 2013?
JCP – special shows where we will play Soundgarden albums in their entirety; more of our SEATTLE 4™ shows, those are shows where we have tribute bands to Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Nirvana join us for the night, as we pay tribute to the big four bands of grunge, as it were, all hailing from Seattle. all the bands get together and do some Temple of the Dog and Mad Season as well and make it one big incestuous grunge orgy. the fans seem to love it. we love it… and we hope to travel a bit more, either south or west, we obviously can’t go east or we’ll hit the ocean…

MW: Do you have stuff you sale at shows?

JCP – no we don’t. being a tribute band, it seems like, since we’re already making money off their music we shouldn’t really be making money off their artwork and imagery as well. plus we’re collectively lazy when it comes to getting things done, and getting t-shirts made would take too much effort…

MW: Do you have a website where you sell stuff?
JCP – having answered the previous question, it is ironic that we do have two shirts for sale at this site

MW: Do any of the members of JESUS CHRIST POSE have an original project?
JCP – yes we do… Bryan has a band called High Bluff. Greg and Jeff have a band called None More Evil that actually opened for Alice In Chains a few years back… there are others, but isn’t this interview supposed to be about JESUS CHRIST POSE, c’mon!!?!

MW: Where is JESUS CHRIST POSE from?
JCP – if this were a date, you probably should’ve asked this question earlier… we’re from New York City.

MW: Give me a day in your life.

JCP – we fight crime.

MW: How can someone book JESUS CHRIST POSE?
JCP – email us at and have a wad of cash at the ready, we ain’t cheap…

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JCP – we are JESUS CHRIST POSE, that’s one “s” in POSE. We are not, NOT, NOT, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!, Jesus Christ Posse!!!!!!! we are not a bunch of christian militant punk cowboys, and we just want to clear that up. we’re not, in any way, a POSSE! Thank you for this forum so that we could make that statement. You are a true gentleman and we appreciate your time and interest in us.


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