EXCLUSIVE Interview With Don Teems (Walker Shot By Carl To Save Michonne) From The Walking Dead TV Series On AMC

Posted: 01/27/2013 in Television, The Walking Dead



Interview Done By Mike Wilkerson

MW: Please introduce yourself?

DT: My name is Don Teems and i am a DJ/Actor I work at Wild Bills as a regular DJ and I have been in numerous TV and movies filmed in GA including Vampire Diaries, Flight, Hunger Games:Catching Fire, I.D. Theft and others.

MW: How would fans of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC know you?

DT: I would probably be most recognized as the walker that attacks Michonne as she first arrives at the prison in episode 7. i come down to bite her as she is passing out and just before I bite her Carl shoots me in the head. He’s a good shot that Carl.

MW: How did you get cast as a walker on The Walking Dead?

DT: I was cast by Extras Casting Atlanta.

MW: How was zombie school?

DT: Zombie school was fun. Greg Nicotero taught the class and I was chosen to demonstrate zombie hits and “correct” falls (don’t throw your legs up when you hit the ground because it can be seen at the bottom of frame on camera.) Still have no idea why he chose me but he liked it and i got called for an episode the next week.

MW: What was it like to do your scene?

DT: The episode 7 scene was a lot of fun even though it was crazy hot the day we filmed and I was wearing a suit and contacts all day.

MW: What episodes of season 3 are you in?

DT: Episodes 2, 7, 10, and the finale 16.

MW: Did you know what you were getting yourself into?

DT: I had an idea and it was more fun than I thought it would be.

MW: Do you still watch the show?

DT: I am addicted.lol. I honestly had not seen one episode before zombie school (crazy right?) so after getting called to work I had a TWD 2 day back to back episode marathon of the first 2 seasons and I was hooked from episode 1.

MW: Would you come back in season 4 if asked to?

DT: In a Heartbeat! It is by far my favorite show to work on.

MW: Who is your favorite character?

DT: Daryl Dixon.

MW: Do many fans try to reach out to you?

DT: Only my friends so far that know I have worked on the show.


MW: Have you done any conventions as a guest yet?

DT: I have not due to my DJ work schedule since I have to work most Fridays and Saturdays… But I think that would be fun and would love to do it.

MW: What new conventions in 2013 will you be at?

DT: A lot so far only as a roaming fanboy lol… Days of the Dead in Atlanta, Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival in Nashville, May-Hem in Florida, Fanboy Expo in Tennessee, Wizard World in Nashville, and Dragoncon in Atlanta…and I am sure there will be more…

MW: Who is the coolest actor on The Walking Dead to work with?

DT: Norman Reedus is always fun to work with especially if you get him and Michael Rooker on set together…they are like real brothers even off camera…but the whole cast and crew are super nice it’s a very friendly set.

MW: What else are you doing other then The Walking Dead?

DT: I DJ every weekend and on Wednesdays and I still do TV and movie work as it comes along…whatever I am available for.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

DT: Be on the lookout for me in episode 10 and the season finale of walking dead and feel free to come like my Facebook page. And Thank You.


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