Interview with Jodie Parks of Paranormal Hot Squad From the Hit TV Series Paranormal Challenge On The Travel Channel

Posted: 08/19/2011 in Uncategorized

Interview done by Michael Wilkerson

MW: What is Paranormal Hot Squad?
JP: The Paranormal Hot Squad  film sexy sleepover in the scariest and most haunted locations. Paranormal investigator  Jodie and Jesslyn who have spent hundreds of hour tracking things that go bump in the night, serve as the heads of surveillance of the group. They make sure there’s an extra level of creepiness to  each of the girls. The Hot Squad features Jodie aka Queen of Burps; Jessica the young hot model that is brave and bold; Meagan the beautiful blonde that is so scared of the dark; Mary Kate aka Miss Teen CA 2010 Beauty Queen ; and Camryr our childhood star from Young and the Restless.. Each girl is looking to go on a thrill ride  at each sleepover. The girls range from tv celebrities, models, Guinness World Record holder, beauty queen’s, to a young beauty fresh from America’s Next Top Model. The one thing they all have in common is when it comes to playing truth or dare, they ALWAYS choose dare. There are plenty of paranormal shows but there is only one Paranormal Hot Squad. These girls aren’t just hunting ghosts, they are tempting and teasing them to come out and play. Ghosts, spirits, and the unknown, the dark side, they captivate us, stimulate us, and enthrall us.
MW: How did Paranormal Hot Squad come about?
JP: PHS came about because Jodie has a group called Ghost Travelers and she had several hot friends wanting to hunt with her so she decided to start a all girls group.
MW: Give me a amazing paranormal experience you have had?
JP: The most amazing experience’s Jodie ever had was at a location in KS. She was hunting the demon Beelzebub, a succubus and several spirit’s. Jodie saw a phone fly across the room, had something nasty say her oldest sons name in her ear and breath very hard and loud in the back of her neck, she watched two men with her get scratches all over the bodies and one man had his leg hairs burnt while nothing harmful would mess with Jodie. This was broad casted live and the views believed that Jodie’s guardian angel is Michael because he is the only angel demons can not mess with. Jodie was alone in the house provoking the demon and nothing would happen and as soon as the guys came in they were being attacked. From now on Jodie sends her angel away so she can make contact with the demons. Jesslyn has been being haunted for over two years by her brother and best friend after they both passed away. They are still making contact and watching over her to this day. Jesslyn has experienced watching candles flying across a room, something feeding her dog whiles she’s not home, seeing bright light fly by her and hearing spirit’s speak to her.

MW: How was it being on Paranormal Challenge on the Travel Channel?

JP:It was a amazing experience to be on the Paranormal Challenge. The production company was so helpful and nice and the camera man Jimmy and audio guy Evan were a blast to work with. Zak Bagans helped both teams get as much information on locations so that we had a equal opportunity to win the competition. We walked away with so much respect for Zak and the talent that he has for hearing things inside the audio and video evidence. The production company said we were the most entertaining Paranormal Group they had film to that date which is a honor to have delivered. We wish every Paranormal Group could go on the Paranormal Challenge.


MW: Is Paranormal Hot squad looking to have their own reality TV show?

JP: The Paranormal Hot Squad has been trying to get a reality show for a long time. We have found it very hard to break into the Paranormal Wold because it is dominated by men. We almost signed a deal last year with a production company but they had a different vision than what we wanted so we didn’t sign. After that we have talked to several production companies and have been told if we give them sex they will make all our dreams come true or they are just not interested. It has been very hard for us to get people to see passed us being a group of women that are sexy and funny. We are a group of silly, sexual, fun girls that don’t care what fly’s out of our mouths! All we care about is having fun and giving it our all when we are at locations to get evidence. Having said all that we are making our own movie and will be releasing it at Scarefest in Lexington, KY Sept. 23-25th.

MW: What is the Paranormal Hot Squad DVD about?

JP: Paranormal Hot Squad Movie was filmed in Hollywood, CA where the squad makes contact with a famous actor, Linda Vista Hospital where the squad makes contact with many spirit’s and collect’s a lot of evidence, Jodie and Jesslyn investigate a private location where a man drowned in a lake and is said to haunt the mansion it sits in front of.We will take our viewers on our fun and sexy adventure. Spoilers are Jesslyn gets engaged to another women, The MaleCrystalBall( featured in the new and upcoming Showgirls II Movie) sings his Demon of Whores song in a very haunted room, Jodie dresses like a naughty devil and Mary-Kate a sexy nurse…..

MW: Paranormal Hot Squad will be at Scarefest in Lexington, KY. What can we expect?
JP: At Scarefest expect Jodie, Jesslyn and Meagan to be very girlie. We have put some extra planning into the way our booth will look different and we are having custom made outfits so we look beautiful.  We will be releasing our first movie, tshirts, a all natural soap named Holy Sage blessed by a priest, and a calendar. We hope to build up of fans and meet more people in the business.

MW: What would you like to say in closing?

JP: Last words are that it’s about time for people to see Paranormal in another light! We have some much fun investigating and will prove that our methods are very effective. Jodie is a hard core provoker that always takes on the role of the bad guy. She loves to hunt demon and is fearless in her quest to get the proof of their existence. Jesslyn is the story teller that is sweet at first then feeds off of Jodie and step it up a notch. Spirit’s enjoy making contact with her. Meagan is new and need to be pulled out of her shell. She is on the quiet side, scared and is looking forward to making contact with the other side.

  1. i loved yall vidieo and ope yall get ur on show on travel channell yall would be great.

    • Gary Dell says:

      Good Hunting ladies…..try linda vista again only alone, one person per floor & per section. Dress to attract the spirits. You should get better results…..but hope you get your own show too.

  2. gary dell says:

    Try going to one of the more seriously haunted penitentiary’s in the East or seriously haunted houses around (places that have plenty of activity–even considered dangerous) the country documenting with proof your experiences, just you ladies alone then present it to Zak or to someone who is willing to put you & your material on a show.

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