Interview with England Simpson of Southern Fried Stings on truTV

Posted: 08/07/2011 in Television

Interview done by Hope King

HK: Tell me about England Simpson?

ES: Ah, what can I say about England? Hmm… I’m a passionate person. I’m a geeky fangirl who loves to act, sing and make movies. I also love to laugh… Laughter is always golden. I’m madly in love with my family and I love to sit at home and watch films. Yeah, I live a sexy life.

HK: Most people would know you from Southern Fried Stings. Correct?
ES: Actually most people would know me from a play I did in the 5th grade… I had the lead role as an Emperor Penguin… *chuckles* All jokes aside, most people are familiar with my work on ‘Southern Fried Stings,’ however, I’m well-known in my hometown for a low-budget show I produced called, ‘This is where the fish live…’ Everybody in Charlotte remembers how silly I was on that show; it lasted for 5 years, which blows my mind.
HK: When you are not doing Southern Fried Stings what do you do?
ES: Truthfully? My goal in life is to always stay incredibly busy. I love making films and creating music, so I explore that aspect of “England” as much as possible. When I’m not busting up a meth lab in the woods, I’m making a movie or rocking a pair of socks off. I’m so awesomely hip. 🙂
HK : What are you acting in in the near future?
ES: I’ve been working on a lot of cool stuff, a few indie film/television projects… I freaking love it! I’m getting back to basics. I recently shot something with my sisters and it’s phenomenal. They are WAY more talented than I am, so I may have to snuff those wenches out! Also, I’ve been dedicating a HUGE chunk of time to my #1 passion, music. It feels right. I was a rockstar on hiatus when acting came into my life.
HK: You also model please tell me about that?
ES: Yeah… I’ve been known to take a decent photo from time to time. I sort of stumbled into the modeling world. I like it, apparently I inspire women to embrace their bodies… that makes me feel good as a chunky chica.
HK: Give me a opposed fan story? And don’t talk about me…LOL
ES: An obsessed fan? A crazy person story? Ooh, I don’t know… Um, I had a guy follow me around Walmart just so he could tell me how badly he wanted to suck on my toes… You’re welcome. 🙂
HK: Why did you stop your web series “England Simpson Is A Fatty”
ES: Aw, I loved doing my fatty vlog series, but I had to stop doing the videos because I realized that I did not have a solid fan base for them… I didn’t have the right audience for the series. Most people only know me from ‘Southern Fried Stings,’ so those people are not used to my comedic side, or sense of humor. A lot of viewers were getting the wrong message from the series. I never want to come across as a plus-sized actress who is ashamed of her body… That’s not a good look. I love my fat stomach and thick thighs. Plus, I’ve been doing a new series with my sisters… that stuff is hilarious, you guys need to receive that blessing!
HK: What would you like to say in closing?
ES: In closing? I feel as though I’ve said too much already. Anyone reading this has probably gouged out their eyeballs and cut off their hair. Ew, that’s some torture… biblical style. So, get familiar with me on the webz:  &
  1. I think you should try out for Saturday Night Live or a show like that. I see things for you. I’m psychic you know : )

  2. indiaSheana says:

    Awesome interview! Great pictures.

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