Interview with Lori and Brandon Bernier of Storage Hunters on truTV

Posted: 07/31/2011 in Uncategorized

Interview done by Hope King

HK: Tell me how the readers would know you and Brandon?

LB: We are the main buyers on truTv Storage Hunters.

HK: How did Storage Hunters on truTv come about?

LB: The show is filmed following Brandon and I who are and have been storage auction buyers for 13 yrs together and Brandon bought before we were married we are not actors and never have been we lived in Boston relocated to southern California 2 yrs ago and continued buying out here. This is our reality day in and day out the show captures a very small portion of what we do.

HK: Give me a day in the life of a storage hunter?

LB: We compile the list of auctions we will be going to the night before we will sometimes go to 5-10 facilities a day we show up early to get a feel of the crowd there can be anywhere from 1-10 units up for auction at each facility.

It depends on how many we buy at each facility on how many we go to a day.

HK: I was reading that Storage Hunters is part reality part staged? Is this true?

LB: There are things that are filmed that are over the top but obviously our producer put the best of the best on TV.

HK: Have you met any of the guys from Auction Hunters, or Storage Wars?

LB: We were actually found by truTV at Dan Dotson auction we know him very well and is a wonderful person.

We also know Allen Haff from the auctions.

HK: Can you tell me one secret about buying storage units?

LB: Brandon has a great eye for valuables and sometimes he just goes on pure gut but for the most part we research a lot.

HK: What is the most expensive thing you have found in a storage unit?

LB: You will see some of the most expensive things we found in units on the second season of the show as well as the season finale!!!!

HK: What is the coolest thing you ever found in a storage unit?

LB: One of the coolest things we found in a storage unit was back east in Boston was an old amusement park closed down and we had 8-10 vintage pinball machines and old claw games.

HK: What is the weirdest thing you found in a storage unit?

LB: We ALWAYS find weird things in bins one of the weirdest I would have to say was a mask used for the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer it was on a mold and was so strange looking. Brandon loved it and wanted to keep it but his famous saying was don’t become attached so it had to go ha ha.

HK: Do you really not like Jesse McClure? Brandon

LB: Jesse is a great guy and very smart but when it comes to our business and making money we are after the same things…. someday after we be come rich maybe we could be friends!!!

HK: What were you thinking when the gun went off?

LB: When the gun went off I honestly thought I had just shot my husband!!! I should have known better my father was a police officer and he would have killed me if he was still alive!!!

HK: Was Storage Hunters on truTV built around you two?

LB: The original premise of the show was to revolve around the auctioneer but truTV loved Brandon and I so they changed things around to focus more on us

HK: What would you like to say in closing?

LB: I would like to thank you for the time and I hope everyone has enjoyed Storage Hunters we will be back for the second season!!!!

Look for a interview with A&E Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson coming soon.

  1. faith says:

    why is lori such a big mouth ?would she be like that if brandon was’nt there. but she is a replica of my favorite comedian here in england n thats vicky pollard in little britain. go lori…

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